What can you enjoy if you become a Member?

1.Earning Bonus Points

  1 Once registered as a member of Duducool
  2 Purchasing from Duducool, you will get different amount of bonus points,depending on your consumption sum(1USD=2points).

2.Your current Bonus Points

  1 Using bonus points can not help you pay any part of your payment,but it helps to raise your Member Level.
  2 You can enjoy member discount according to your Member Level.
  3 Be Duducool member and enjoy preference for ever! Go and enjoy!

3.Detailed Bonus Points Rank is the Following

Membership Level Membership Icon Consumption Points Membership Discount
VIP1 0 1%
VIP2 1000 2%
VIP3 5000 3%
VIP4 10000 5%
VIP5 20000 8%

Attention: If you want to enjoy the VIP Discount, you must login to buy each time!

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