What can you enjoy if you become an VIP Member?

1.Earning Bonus Points

(1) Once registered as a member of https://www.duducool.com(Regular VIP).
(2) Purchasing from https://www.duducool.com, you will get different amount of bonus points, depending on your consumption sum.

2.Your current Bonus Points

(1) Using bonus points can not help you pay any part of your payment, but it helps to raise your VIP rank.
(2) You can enjoy VIP discount according to your VIP rank.
(3) Be duducool VIP and enjoy preference for ever! Go and enjoy!

3.Detailed Bonus Points Rank is the Following

How can you become an VIP Member? You can just check below!

Membership Level Membership Icon Consumption Points Membership Discount
VIP1 0 1%
VIP2 1000 2%
VIP3 5000 3%
VIP4 10000 5%
VIP5 20000 8%

Attention: If you want to enjoy the VIP Discount, you must login to buy each time!

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